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5 Ways to Let Blogging Ruin a Happy Marriage September 17, 2007

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[Humor intended]

1. Don’t let your wife blog. Men, if you’re into blogging, you can definitely ruin your marriage by hogging the blogosphere and the computer. For one, your wife will start to get jealous of the computer. For another, you might start to forget what your wife looks like. Thankfully for us, this one’s never really been a problem. Carrie and I blog together happily. But don’t let your blog hogging ruin your marriage!

2. Only blog about theological things. Theology is good, important and even fun! But we men are pretty shallow. We could discuss the ins and outs of hermeneutical theories all day long. Our wives, on the other hand, are much more complex and well rounded. They discuss so much more than theology. Topics such as our children, shopping, clothing, cooking and things of that nature make them much more interesting people than we are. So if we only blog about theology our marriages will suffer. This is why Carrie and I started a family blog. She keeps me well rounded.

3. Blog more than you talk. If you expect your main communication with your wife to be by having her comment on your blog, then your marriage will definitely have issues. Talking is much better than blogging, particularly in your marriage. Thankfully, I don’t have enough interesting stuff to blog about to keep me blogging too much.

4. Move your family’s blog to one that doesn’t have good picture support. Okay, now we get to the part where I screwed up. I enjoy WordPress so much that I thought my wife should enjoy it too. So I moved our family blog to WordPress without realizing that with all its perks, WordPress doesn’t handle pictures as well as Blogger. Particularly considering the fact that Blogger allows virtually limitless uploads as well as three different sizes and placements of pictures, I really messed this one up.

5. Refuse to admit your blogging mistakes. All right, now I’m really in for it. I thought for sure that WordPress was infinitely better than Blogger in every way. When Carrie was wise enough to point out the error of my way, I should have responded, “You’re right dear. I’ll move our blog back right now.” Of course, the typical male response dominated with, “What are you talking about? You just don’t know how to do it!” Yeah. That one will cost you about price of a dozen roses and a sappy romantic card.

The good news: Even if you’ve made some of these mistakes, it’s not too late to save your marriage. A dozen roses and a sappy romantic card later, Carrie and I are moving our family blog back to Blogger! As it turns out, she was right and I was wrong. Now that you’ve gotten over that shock, you can find us back at http://willandcarrie.blogspot.com. My theological blog will still remain at http://anwoth.wordpress.com.

I hope this post will save many a marriage. As my 9th grade English teacher always told me: “Learn from the mistakes of others–you can’t live long enough to make them all yourself!”


One Response to “5 Ways to Let Blogging Ruin a Happy Marriage”

  1. Cristy Says:

    Will, I have to admit that I am with Carrie on the pictures with wordpress. There are lots of things that I like about this site, but it’s really not that great for pictures. However, your move here did inspire me to start my own blog, which isn’t really necessary, but helpful to me; so it wasn’t all bad. Good move though listening to your wife and humbling yourself for marital bliss. I think that would be a great theological topic for your own blog. 🙂

    By grace,

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